About AVSD

Amman Valley School of Dance (AVSD) are committed to promote and provide dance classes in a safe and healthy environment, valuing each pupil as an individual making their dance experience an enjoyable part of their lives, fostering confidence, self discipline and self esteem.

The school has been established since 1990 and maintains a high standard of professional tuition in various styles of dance, including Ballet, Tap, Modern, Freestyle Disco, Street, Slow, Cheer, Line, Musical Theatre.

Dancers are initially placed in classes according to age and ability, not in friendships or how long they have been dancing. Some children may need more time in a lower grade whilst others may need a higher level of class to stretch their ability and give them more of a challenge. All dancers progress at different levels and advancing a child too early can create stress and lack of interest and discouragement.

Please trust the teacher’s years of experience in the decision of class placement. We are professionals and always act in the best interest of the child. We therefore will place a child in a class where they will feel confident to promote a high level of self confidence.

Examinations/Medal Tests

We offer our pupils yearly examinations in a variety of disciplines and are proud of excellent results achieved, with 100% pass rates over the years with both the Royal Academy of Dance and The United Kingdom Alliance. Children not wishing to participate in the examination system will be assessed by the teachers and moved up accordingly.

Private lessons

Private lessons for examination or competition work by arrangement with a teacher. Parents to accompany child at these sessions


Most classes are now payable in five week blocks. These should be paid in advance of the class. Correct money should be in an envelope marked clearly with the child’s name. Cheques payable to Amman Valley School of Dance (child’s name on reverse please).

Other Information

Arrival at Class

Children should arrive at least five minutes before class begins. For your child’s safety at no time should a child be dropped off to wait outside the hall and children are not allowed to meet parents in the car park.

There is a waiting room in the building if you would like to stay and please note that parents should not enter the hall but are welcome to watch the class through the window, also parents of the younger children should always remain in the waiting room in case they are needed.

During a Class Session

Children should bring water to class in a bottle with a sports lid. No fizzy drinks please.

Class Cancellations

In adverse weather conditions please telephone 01269 822308 or 07792005034 to check if your class is still on.


Amman Valley School of Dance will close during main school holidays, however, AVSD may remain open during some half terms for team practices and/or rehearsals.

Any closing days will be posted on the notice board in the halls reception area.