Dancers have a uniform for each Class but please note that a settling in period of a few weeks before uniforms needs to be purchased is expected, however, if you wish to purchase uniform for your child immediately then this is acceptable too.

Uniforms can be purchased from AVSD or from “AVA Dancewear” at 89 High Street, Gorseinon, Swansea, SA4 4BL. Go to AVA Dancewear Website (opens in new window).

Ballet Classes

  • Babies Ballet – White leotard, skirt, tights cardigan and ballet shoes.
  • Pre-Primary  – Pale Blue leotard, skirt. cardigan. Pink tights and ballet shoes.
  • Primary 2 – Pink Leotard skirted Cardigan Tights Pink Ballet shoes
  • Primary 3 – Lavender leotard, Lavender cardigan, Pink tights, Ballet shoes
  • Grade 1 – Purple leotard,Skirt Navy cardigan, Pink tights, Ballet shoes
  • Grades 2&3 – Royal Blue leotard, skirt, Royal cardigan, Pink tights, Ballet shoes
  • Grades 4&5 – Navy leotard, skirt, Navy cardigan Pink tights Ballet shoes
  • Pre Elem. – Black leotard, skirt, Pink tights Ballet shoes with ribbons. Point shoes

Hair must be tied neatly up and off neck and face, either in a bun or plaited and crossed. Children with short hair should wear a band to match their uniform. Jewellery is not to be worn in class.

Freestyle classes Street Disco etc.

Black leggings, Black shorts, AVSD black/pink vest top, dance trainers and knee pads. (Knee pads are essential for your child’s safety whilst working on the floor, if a child does not bring these to class they may be asked to sit out during that section).


Black Jazz pants, Purple AVSD Polo shirts. Black Jazz shoes, Black tap shoes